Three talks, one podcast, and even a little research!

What a day of talking about Race and the Making of the Mormon People.

I had a blast at the Maxwell Institute today. I cannot thank Spencer Fluhman, Kristian Heal, and the whole staff at the Institute for making this one of the most satisfying days of my academic life.

Thanks to Janiece Johnson, Deirdre Nicole Green, Phil Barlow, Morgan Davis, and Joe Spencer for their great questions–and questions from all the folks at the Brown Bag lunch and faculty seminar. And of course, it was great to see my pal Christopher Jones (and his hair) as well as Brenden Rensink today.

And we had a great turn out at Writ & Vision tonight, too. Thanks Brad Kramer for making it happen!

I even got a chance this morning to go for a run along the Provo River, where I imagined Wakara and his clan fishing centuries before. And I got to talk about Wakara with the folks at the BYU Museum of Peoples and Cultures.

But now, I’m back at the Guesthouse (in the Timp Suite, no less). And unwinding.

And no, that’s not apple juice.

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