Martin Marty (!) Writes on “Race and the Making of the Mormon People”

I’m going to pretend it was the book itself–and not the pull of Emma Green and the Atlantic–that got Martin Marty (let me repeat that MARTIN MARTY) to write about Race and the Making of the Mormon People

But at Sightings, the University of Divinity School’s online journal for religion in public life, Marty, the most influential historian of American religion of the last four decades, profiled the Atlantic interview and the book.

He placed the book into conversation with the national conversations/debates/firestorms around race, especially white supremacy.

Here’s a taste (in which I will quote Marty quoting me–meta!):

“Mueller goes on: ‘There are more Mormons outside the U.S. than inside. It’s likely that there are more non-white Mormons than there are white Mormons in the global church.’ One cannot help noticing an irony here: a long-excluded religious group with a problematic racial past, Mormonism, acquires a global, not-exclusively-white identity at a moment when many in American politics and culture huddle into white ethnocentric movements and causes. It’s hard to call that ‘delightsome.'”

Read the rest here.

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