Flunking Sainthood: The Book of Mormon and racial reconciliation

I had the great pleasure of talking with the great Jana Riess (of Twible and Flunking Sainthood fame) at Religion News Service. RNS: You say that the earliest Mormons had a “vision of restorative racial universalism” that shows up in the Book of Mormon’s ideal that the Lamanites will acquire white skin when they become righteous. Mueller: For [...]

Religion Dispatches: What the History of Mormonism Reveals about the Origins of “Race”

I participated in RD's now canonical "10 Questions" series on new books. Other recent contributors include Wendy Doniger, Jason Josephson Storm, and Haroon Moghul. What inspired you to write Race and the Making of the Mormon People? Let me be a bit confessional. I’m not a Mormon, but Mormon culture has probably formed me more than any [...]