On Trump’s ability to “Colonize Our Brain”

I was so proud this Sunday. Grace Chapel's associate pastor, Steve Allen, spoke directly to the un-Christ-like language (and more importantly) sentiment that the President of the United States used to disparage refugees and immigrants from countries with majority black and brown peoples (Haiti; Africa; El Salvador). If it wasn't clear enough what he meant, [...]

Talking about my “Fundamentalist Christian/Episcopalian/Wiccan Upbringing” with Exponent II

I had the great pleasure of talking about my "Fundamentalist Christian/Episcopalian/Unitarian/Wiccan upbringing"--and a bit about Race and the Making of the Mormon People-- with April Young Bennett on Exponent II's "Religious Feminism Podcast." In it you'll hear me talk about Jane Manning James--and the power (and problems) of making her the symbol for a more diverse, inclusive [...]