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Talking about my “Fundamentalist Christian/Episcopalian/Wiccan Upbringing” with Exponent II

I had the great pleasure of talking about my "Fundamentalist Christian/Episcopalian/Unitarian/Wiccan upbringing"--and a bit about Race and the Making of the Mormon People-- with April Young Bennett on Exponent II's "Religious Feminism Podcast." In it you'll hear me talk about Jane Manning James--and the power (and problems) of making her the symbol for a more diverse, inclusive [...]

Race and the Making of the Mormon People on “Mormon News Report Podcast”

I had the pleasure of speaking with Brandt and Brian of the Mormon News Report about the Race and the Making of the Mormon People back in September. I spent, perhaps too much, time explaining my own complicated relationships to both Mormonism and the African-American experience. I am an outsider to both, but an intimate one [...]

Review (and my response) to a Review of “Race and the Making of the Mormon People”

A highly eventful visit to HDS and AAR (about which I plan on writing this weekend!) and the holidays have got me behind on all things, especially documenting the goings-on of Race and the Making of the Mormon People. But during AAR, Quincy Newell's review of the book was posted at Reading Religion. Under the leadership [...]