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A Letter to Kate [I haven’t posted for a while on my reading project… But I’m still reading—more or less on track for the 50 books. More soon (Hi Mom. I know you’re the only one reading this… Mom? Mom?)] Kate— Will you forgive me for addressing this reflection to you directly? I’ve known your scholarship and your [...]

On Trump’s ability to “Colonize Our Brain”

I was so proud this Sunday. Grace Chapel's associate pastor, Steve Allen, spoke directly to the un-Christ-like language (and more importantly) sentiment that the President of the United States used to disparage refugees and immigrants from countries with majority black and brown peoples (Haiti; Africa; El Salvador). If it wasn't clear enough what he meant, [...]

Talking about my “Fundamentalist Christian/Episcopalian/Wiccan Upbringing” with Exponent II

I had the great pleasure of talking about my "Fundamentalist Christian/Episcopalian/Unitarian/Wiccan upbringing"--and a bit about Race and the Making of the Mormon People-- with April Young Bennett on Exponent II's "Religious Feminism Podcast." In it you'll hear me talk about Jane Manning James--and the power (and problems) of making her the symbol for a more diverse, inclusive [...]

Week One: A Year of Magical Thinking

Didion is the most "cosmopolitan" of America's great writers. Throughout The Year of Magical Thinking, Didion is always moving between Manhattan apartments and Malibu beach homes. Through flashbacks to their forty years together, Didion and her husband, who was also her sometimes writing partner, muse, and all-times editor and critic, John Gregory Dunne, are jetting [...]