Advance Praise for Race and the Making of the Mormon People

I’m honored to receive this advance praise for Race and the Making of the Mormon People from two of the most celebrated scholars in Mormonism.



“Max Perry Mueller’s brilliant analysis substantively enriches a growing body of excellent work on Mormonism and race. Mueller offers profound insight into both the tradition’s American sojourn and the nation’s wrenching engagement with race, writ large.”–J. Spencer Fluhman, author of A Peculiar People

“Racial issues, shifting though Max Perry Mueller shows them to be, remain a part of Mormon identity, self-understanding, and understanding of the world. Mueller’s book makes a significant contribution to our view of Mormonism and race and provides a rich and discerning look at the larger picture of race, religion, and American history.”–Philip L. Barlow, author of Mormons and the Bible