Race and the Making of the Mormon People on “Mormon News Report Podcast”

I had the pleasure of speaking with Brandt and Brian of the Mormon News Report about the Race and the Making of the Mormon People back in September. I spent, perhaps too much, time explaining my own complicated relationships to both Mormonism and the African-American experience. I am an outsider to both, but an intimate one [...]

Review (and my response) to a Review of “Race and the Making of the Mormon People”

A highly eventful visit to HDS and AAR (about which I plan on writing this weekend!) and the holidays have got me behind on all things, especially documenting the goings-on of Race and the Making of the Mormon People. But during AAR, Quincy Newell's review of the book was posted at Reading Religion. Under the leadership [...]

Three (More) Thoughts on Flake, the Future of the Anti-Trump GOP, and Mormonism

I had the pleasure of talking with Laurie Goodstein, the New York Times' great "religion beat" writer about the Mormon resonances in Arizona Senator Jeff Flake's remarkable speech from the Senate floor this past Tuesday. I have three more thoughts about it: First, the Senator gave the most forceful and formal public rebuke of Trump and Trumpism [...]

Ben Park’s Review of ‘Race and the Making of the Mormon People’

My friend and colleague Ben Park reviewed Race and the Making of the Mormon People at the Junto blog on early American history. (Ben's new book,  American Nationalisms: Imagining Union in an Age of Revolutions, looks very promising). Though I'm both a historian and a "religious studies scholar," that's the end of my quibbling with Ben's thoughtful review! Relatedly, [...]